Camera Battery Hack 

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In the process of my work, I get to encounter many challenges and some of them are the camera equipment that I work with. Some can be inevitable while some are just pure negligence or forgetfulness. In this case, I found myself in a situation where I had to think fast and innovate. If you have used devices that require battery life of some kind, this shared experience can help you in one way or another.


The Porcupine Exterminator (Video)
My previous blog with an image of the exterminator carrying a porcupine on his back got the eyes of many.  The cry of the porcupine shall be heard through such sad stories. By sharing this story, my hope is to spark necessary change.
Two days after I shot the image, I saw the exterminator walking with 6 dogs followed by other young boys. I stopped to say hi and jokingly asked if they were out to look for porcupines. He told me they've got one already and they are here to look for more. They all spread out and got in a tea plantation....


Concerned About the Decline of Porcupines

My name is Steve Toom, a filmmaker/photojournalist and I have filmed and photographed wildlife for close to 4 years. There is a growing concern over the death of a porcupine that went viral. I posted an image of a man carrying a dead porcupine on his back on a group I follow (Kenyans for wildlife) and there were mixed reactions about it. I am a story teller and I had to pull the post down so that I can give a complete picture of the events that happened.