Virry VR Expedition 2016

Virry VR Expedition 2016
Virry VR is the ultimate virtual safari. Head to the African savannah to play with wild animals in their natural habitats. Filmed on location in 4K VR, Virry takes you so close to real animals, you can practically feel their breath on your neck. It was crated by FOUNTAIN DIGITAL LABS LIMITED and can be found in the PlayStation store. 

I had a wonderful time working with the Virry team when filming wildlife and feeding them for this project and I would do it all over again. Working with the team gave me my first Virtual Reality filming that gave me an unforgettable experience and skills for more to come. I was the Location manager, production assistant and props. 

Watch the gameplay review below by TheGamingBeaver on Youtube

Below images from the expedition

Download it at the PlayStation store